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  • All Rise Together, Win in 2019


    On Jan. 18, 2019, Aolin held the annual meeting at the canteen of the head quarter. The topic was All Rise Together, Win in 2019. This means that we will work together to overcome the difficulties in the coming year.


    Before the ceremony, the senior leaders of the company made a summary speech, thanking the employees for their contributions to Aolin in the past year, as well as the planning and prospect of the New Year.

    This annual meeting presented the splendid performance, the game and the lucky draw.


    The performances included dance "I am a seaweed", the wonderful magic "Please do not blink when its dark" from Mr. Xu, the wonderful crosstalk "Times in the company", song chorus "I believe", song solo "Meet in the rain".


    Everyone spent this wonderful night in laughter and laughter. The old age has already exhibited thousands of brocades, and the new year has entered a hundred feet. I hope that our future will be more brilliant.

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