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    About us

    Shanghai Aolin is a private-owned enterprise and was founded in 1994. It has 4 plants. Three locates in Shanghai International Automobile City and a new factory under construction in Changshu. Aolin is specialized in stamping, machining, injection, automatic assembly in the automobile field.

    • Aolin Car Fittings (Changshu) Co., Ltd.


      The new factory  under construction in Changshu covers an area of 53,334 ㎡ , it is divided into two phases for construction. Phase one is estimated to complete construction by the middle of 2019 and enter production by the end of 2019. Phase two plans to start construct by the end of 2019 and enter production by the end of 2020.

      The plant will be used to produce large and medium sized vehicle body stamping parts. Estimated annual output after completion could reach 5,000,000 parts.  Changshu plant will mainly manufacture large and medium-sized auto body stamping parts, such as inner and outer board of door, four doors and two covers, etc.

      Workshop intro.:

      Open blanking Production Line: 800t stamping machine

      Medium-sized stamping workshop: automatic 1000t progressive die and automatic 1200t of transfer press production line with robot. The stamping equipment comes from Jinan No.2 machine factory.

      Small-sized stamping workshop :Double-point 630t stamping machines, single-point 630t stamping machines, and 500t single-point stamping machines. All will be equipped with robot.

      Welding workshop: Automatic arc welding production lines, automatic robot welding production lines.

    • Shanghai Aolin Car Fittings Co., Ltd.


      Shanghai Aolin Car Fittings Co., Ltd was founded in 1994, covers an area of 16200 ㎡ and has about 350 employees. It is specialized in stamping, welding and automatic assembly.

      Main product: door striker, center bearing, skylight guide rail and stamping structure parts, etc.

      The main customers are Volkswagen, Shanghai SAIC Motor, Yanfeng Adient, Inteva, Hunan Tongzhou and TESLA, etc. Our company is the tier A supplier of Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen.

      At present, it has fully equipped with hydraulic equipment for small and medium sized stamping parts, three coordinate measuring instruments, various inspection equipment and tooling manufacturing process center, etc. This includes more than 50 press machines with different tonnages, 2 automatic production lines with 400-ton progressive die and 2 lines for 500-ton,630ton progressive die.  Five hydraulic machines for 315 tons; 3 for 500-tons and 1 for 630-ton; in addition, we also have nearly 20 drilling and turning machines, more than 10 riveting and plate shearing machines, and over 17 projection welding machines and welding robots.

      By the end of 2018, Aolin Car Fittings has gained 10 invention patents and 76 utility model patents.

    • Shanghai Aolin Auto Safety System Co., Ltd.


      Shanghai Aolin Auto Safety System was founded in 2011, located in Shanghai International Automobile City and covers an Area of 7500㎡. It has technical cooperation with Warren Canada. It has about 280 staffs. Specialized in machining, injection and assembly. Product range covers door closure system such as:door hinge, engine cover hinge, rear cover hinge, door check, etc. Also producing motor worms, intermediate shaft , spindles, etc.

      Main client: Volkswagen, Skoda, Tesla, Dyson, Dearcc, Warren Industries, Continental, Yanfeng Adient, Inteva, etc.

      By the end of 2018, Aolin Auto Safety System has gained 10 invention patents and 46 utility model patents.

    • Shanghai New Aolin Auto Sensor Co., Ltd.


      Since its establishment in 2011, the company has cooperated with the global well-known sensor manufacturer SGX(attached to Amphenol). As the sole partner of SGX in Asia, it supplies automobile air quality sensor, brake pad alarm wire, single-channel laser dust sensor and other products to Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen. The new project of PM2.5 air quality sensor has been designated by Shanghai Volkswagen and is expected to be SOP in August, 2019.

      The company has various production and test equipment, such as Swiss sensor assembly equipment, Germany TSK conducting test bench, OGP image instrument, etc.



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