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    Shangahi Aolin was Founded in 1994, headquarter in Shanghai Anting International Automobile City, with 700 employees.

    The company has diversified manufacturing business, specializing in stamping, machining, injection, automatic assembly and other kinds of manufacturing.

    With the gradual expansion of the company’s business and the increasing demand for production capacity, Shanghai Aolin purchased another 13.2 acre of land (53,334㎡) to build a new plant in Changshu, Jiangsu province.

    The total sales amount of the group reached nearly 600 million RMB in 2018.

    The expected annual sales amount aim to reach 1 billion RMB in 5 years.

    Shanghai Aolin was established on Yutian road, Anting town, which covers an area of 3850㎡, and its annual sales amount is 6 million RMB.
    Shanghai Aolin was certificated by ISO 9002:1994.
    With the continuously improvement on technology and quality, Shanghai Aolin passed ISO 9001:2000, TS16949:2002 certification.
    Shanghai Aolin invested a new plant to expand production scale. The new factory was located in Jiading industrial zone, which covered an area of 15000㎡.
    In order to meet the business requirement, Shanghai Aolin Safety System was established. And Shanghai Aolin Auto Sensor was founded in the same year.
    Shanghai Aolin Auto Safety System started a technical cooperation with Warren Canada to develop automobile closure system project.
    Anting new plant for the two companies Aolin Auto Safety system and Aolin New Auto Sensor was completed and put into production, covers an area of 7200㎡
    Aolin Auto Safety System was recognized as high-tech enterprises.
    Nearly 500 million RMB was invested to build a new plant in Changshu to expand production capacity.
    Aolin Changshu held the Beam Raising and Opening Ceremony in Changshu factory
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